Top Universities to Study Architecture in Australia

Here are some of the best architecture universities in Australia, recognized by the Australian Institute of Architects and accredited by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and the relevant state/territory architectural councils.

1. Curtin University

The architectural study programs offered here are very diverse, be it for Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs. Here you can choose to study among the following study programs: Architectural Science, Construction Management, Geography, Interior Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning. If you don’t meet the requirements to register at Curtin University, there is a portfolio path too! This is especially for those of you who want to major in Interior Architecture. Very cool right??

2. Monash University

The architectural or architectural engineering major at Monash University is included in Monash Art, Design and Architecture, and this study can be studied at various levels, namely Undergraduate, Graduate coursework, Graduate research, and Professional Development short courses.

3. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Graduates of the School of Architecture here have received the Architects Medallion in 2021! Isn’t it surprising that UTS is one of the best architecture majors in Australia? In addition, the school of architecture here offers 10 architectural study programs for the Undergraduate level and 8 study programs for Postgraduates.

4. RMIT University

Here you will learn the sciences related to architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. From S1 to Doctor or S3 degrees, international students can try to study here! Innovative and research-based architectural projects are the mainstay here.

5. Deakin University

From designing buildings, making urban planning, to managing architectural projects in real terms in the real world of work, it can be a learning experience in Australia, especially holistic architecture and will certainly make you work-ready after graduating from here! With teaching staff who have won prestigious awards in architecture, Deakin University is certainly one of the best architecture majors in Australia.

What Skills Will You Have After Graduating?

After graduating from the best architecture university in Australia, you can hone various skills, including soft skills. What are they? Check out the list below!

  • Very detailed drawing and planning skills, either by hand or through a computer design program.
  • Ability to work individually as well as in a team.
  • Have knowledge of the latest design trends as well as regulations and laws related to design and construction.
  • Ability to solve problems directly.
  • Ability to communicate professionally, both orally and in writing.
  • Work at a tempo according to deadlines and get used to making plans with clients.
  • Ability to create budgets and cost calculations.
  • Write and present proposals and reports.
  • Ability to perform project management.

What Jobs do Architecture Graduates do?

After graduating from the university in Australia and if you decide to live and work in Australia, the average salary you can earn per year is: AUD80,000 – 120,000.

With the increasing number of people in Australia, while the availability of buildings and land is limited, the role of architects is also very necessary to be able to meet the needs of human habitation while maintaining environmental sustainability. Therefore, jobs related to architecture in Australia are also expected to continue to increase by 17.5% over the next 5 years.

Best Architecture Major University Scholarships in Australia

There are many scholarship options available for international students, including for Indonesian students, either partial or full, and either for all types of majors or specific to the architectural engineering major. Examples of scholarships provided directly by universities are the Deakin International Scholarship and the Deakin STEM Scholarship. While an example of a scholarship from a private institution is the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships which can cover costs at several well-known universities in Australia such as Monash University, University of Melbourne, Australian National University (ANU).

Want to Study Architecture in Australia?

Above you have read about all the best architecture universities in Australia and top job prospects if you study this major. You can go to CatEight Course Fnder to search for architecture courses provided by these universities, and find the one that fits you best.

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