Australia’s universities are some of the best in the world

Many universities in Australia are present in the rankings of the best universities in the world, and, because of this, more and more foreign students are looking to these institutions to pursue a full degree, part of it or a postgraduate degree.

In addition to having English as its official language, which facilitates exchanges, Australia also stands out for being one of the few countries in which it is allowed to work legally with a student visa. It is possible to work 20 hours a week during school hours and full-time during vacations.

Thus, it is possible to acquire work and life experience, improve the language even more and obtain an income to cover part of the expenses in the country. Also, after finishing the course, you can still get a two-year visa to work in Australian companies. If you want to know more about it, then keep reading!

Australia’s top universities

Excited about the idea of studying at one of the best universities in Australia? So start researching to decide where to go. The ideal is to seek information in advance and talk to people who have studied at the institution you choose.

Group of Eight

It is an alliance between the eight main universities in Australia, all of which are part of the ranking that determines the best in the world.

The university students enrolled in these faculties are the best Australian and international students, and the institutions of the Group of Eight are always concerned with the development of research in the areas of technology and infrastructure.

See which universities are part of this group:

  • University of Western Australia;
  • Monash University;
  • The University of Sydney;
  • The University of Melbourne;
  • The Australian National University;
  • The University of Adelaide;
  • The University of New South Wales;
  • The University of Queensland.

The University of Sydney, for example, is Australia’s oldest and largest educational institution. It has 50,000 students in courses in the arts, social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, engineering and IT.

Another highlight is the University of Melbourne, considered several times as the best university in the country. Located in the state of Victoria, in southern Australia, the institution has around 40,000 students and is mainly known for its courses in the arts, humanities and biomedicine.

ATN Universities

ATN is an alliance known as the Australian Technology Network of Universities, which brings together five of the best universities in the country.The focus of the courses offered are the areas of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. The reputation of these Australian universities among employers and entrepreneurs is quite high, with many job offers targeting graduates.

The following are part of this alliance:

  • RMIT University;
  • University of South Australia;
  • University of Technology Sydney;
  • Curtin University;
  • Queensland University of Technology.

Australia’s main cities

Another factor to consider when deciding to study at one of Australia’s universities is location. After all, if you are going to spend years living in a city, the ideal is to feel good there, right? Therefore, it is also worth researching the characteristics of the main cities in the country and evaluating which ones have more to do with your profile.


The best-known city in Australia is very cosmopolitan, being great for those who enjoy the buzz and the variety of leisure options that only the biggest cities offer.

In addition to attractions such as the Opera House, Harbor Bridge and Taronga Zoo, Sydney has interesting beaches and a wide variety of restaurants, parties and parks. The cost of living there is one of the highest in the country, but there are also many job opportunities.


With European style, Melbourne is full of beautiful historic buildings and is known for being practically an open-air museum, with lots of art scattered around the streets. Some even refer to it as “Australia’s cultural capital”. The city’s traditional museums don’t look bad either, from the interactive Scienceworks to the National Gallery of Victoria.

Melbourne’s nightlife is also lively, with a variety of events taking place throughout the year and a wide range of bars. The city is great for those interested in art and sports and has a lower cost of living than Sydney.


Brisbane is the third largest city in the country, after Sydney and Melbourne. Located in the state of Queensland, it has an elegant style and despite being large it still maintains a more relaxed and relaxed attitude.

In addition to offering a good variety of cultural events and many parks, Brisbane has a pleasant climate and a lot of tranquility. There is no lack of activity options there, but the number of tourists is lower than in the cities mentioned above.

Gold Coast

The beaches are the highlight of the Gold Coast, which is also in Queensland and is the sixth largest city in the country. It is a great destination for surfers, and is also home to important championships in the sport.

Even if your focus is not on the beach atmosphere, it is worth living there, as the city also has a modern structure and quality transport. In summer, the Gold Coast is even busier, receiving a large number of tourists. This makes it a good place to get temp jobs during college holidays, for example.


Known for having warm weather and blue skies most of the year, Perth is in Western Australia, the largest state in the country. It has a relatively low cost of living by Australian standards, a quiet lifestyle and great beaches.

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