10 useful add-ons to opt with health insurance plans

A health insurance plan is important for those who want to ensure security from medical inflation and high treatment costs. While buying health insurance plans, one should keep certain things in mind that will help get the best coverage. Not only that, but they also enable a person to make the right decision when investing money. Buying health care plus insurance allows insurers to get coverage with no upper age limit. Moreover, it gives ways to manage high medical costs with a lot of features. Anyone who wants to get comprehensive coverage can consider choosing the plan with add-on features for meeting essential needs.

Types of health insurance add-ons to consider with a policy

1. Hospital cash cover

Most insurance companies offer hospitalization coverage for policyholders. On the other hand, some expenses are not covered by them and one should evaluate the same with more attention. A hospital cash cover provides a fixed amount for each day when an insured person gets hospitalized. It remains the same throughout a policy duration and there is no need to submit any supporting bills. Policyholders can use this add-on feature for X-ray charges, surgical accessories, annual health check-ups, and other things that will help gain more advantages.

2. Room rent waiver

Many insurance policies come up with a cap on room rent that allows an insured person to spend only on a certain amount. He/she should pay the amount from his/her pocket when the amount exceeds the limit. A room rent waiver add-on provides ways to increase the sub-limit or no sub-limits on room rents. This feature is useful for those who undergo treatment in metropolitan cities because the room rents are high when compare to other locations.

3. Critical illness coverage

Critical illnesses such as heart attacks, kidney disease, cancer, and liver problems can lead to high expenses. Critical illness coverage offers a lump sum amount to insurers irrespective of the treatments incurred on treatment. It helps to get coverage for critical illnesses to get peace of mind from high medical expenses. Not only that, it allows insured persons to undergo a high-quality treatment in hospitals.

4. Personal accident coverage

Accidents may lead to injuries and disabilities that can affect a person in many ways. Hence, it is wise to choose personal accident coverage to get compensation for damages and death with high amounts.

5. Zone upgrade rider

Health insurance companies divided Indian cities into three zones based on their facilities and expenses. The insured persons can upgrade their zones into metropolitan cities to enjoy the benefits. They can get the best care in the hospital under this feature.

6. Domiciliary hospitalization cover

With this rider, insured persons can claim coverage for home treatment when they didn’t get any room in a hospital. However, they need approval from doctors before claiming amounts which give ways to minimize complications.

7. OPD care rider

Health insurance plans provide coverage for OPD (outpatient department) facilities for elder people when they are prone to diseases and illnesses. Some of them include medical facilities, doctor consultation fees, diagnostics, etc. This rider is very helpful for senior citizens because it allows them to get coverage for OPD expenses while visiting a hospital.

8. Ayush cover

Ayush cover is a new add-on feature included in a plan for those who want to compensate for their expenses when choosing alternative treatments. It gives ways to claim amounts for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy medical procedures by addressing the essential needs of insured persons.

9. Surgical coverage

Buying a basic health insurance policy provides coverage for hospitalization expenses and this rider provides ways to claim compensation for required surgeries. New policy buyers should know whether a policy offers add-on benefits from different sources that will help accomplish goals to a large extent.

10. Maternity coverage

This coverage is useful for women to receive coverage for all expenses when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. Some insurance companies also offer coverage for the child’s expenses and policyholders can know more about them in detail.

Where to buy health care plus plans?

Health care plus plans offered by Care Health Insurance are suitable for those who want to choose a plan with no upper age limit. It provides add-on benefits for customers to get maximum protection from high medical expenses and other things. The company provides ways to explore plans which suit the requirements of a person. It makes feasible methods to find a plan at affordable prices to witness peace of mind. Anyone interested to purchase a health insurance policy can contact the company to gather more information. Apart from that, the company will work closely with policy buyers to evaluate their needs when they want to invest money. It provides guidelines for customers with professional teams to make the policy buying process a simple one.

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