Need to Know About Optima Range Batteries

Optima range batteries Malta are leak-proof and maintenance free. They are also light and can be mounted in any position. They can handle tough terrains and extreme temperatures.

The YellowTop delivers more power for electrical accessories and deep cycling applications than the RedTop. It is perfect for muscle cars, streetcars and high-performance vehicles with many electrical accessories and features.

SpiralCell(r) Technology

The patented SpiralCell technology makes these batteries class-leading and offers up to 15 times more vibration resistance than other batteries. This results in a longer service life. This battery also has more cranking amps in a smaller physical package. It is available in a group size that fits most vehicles on the road today.

These batteries are also very durable and can be used in harsh environments. They are resistant to temperature extremes, making them perfect for four-wheel drive winching applications, camper trailers and RVs, portable fridges, and dual-battery installations.

Optima batteries are renowned for their durability and long service life, even after repeated deep discharges. Their low rate of self-discharge means that they can be stored in any position and still have a reserve charge after prolonged periods of non-use. This is especially useful for seasonal use and heavy-duty applications. These batteries have an unmatched power output, ideal for demanding applications.

SpiralCell(r) Lead Plates

OPTIMA Batteries use SpiralCell(r) Technology to produce the best batteries on the market. While traditional lead-acid batteries have thick stacks of plates surrounded by acid, OPTIMA batteries use thin plates wound into tight spirals. The resulting battery is completely sealed, maintenance-free and never needs refilling with water.

The result is a high-performance battery with a much longer life expectancy than conventional batteries. OPTIMA batteries also have more resistance to heat damage and deliver more power in the critical first 5 seconds of starting.

Optima YellowTop batteries are dual-purpose AGM batteries that are designed for both starting and deep cycling applications. They have a heavy-duty design to withstand vibration, and offer up to 15 times more vibration resistance than traditional batteries. They are leak-proof and maintenance-free, and can be mounted in any position without fear of spilling acid. Optima batteries are also built to resist all damaging environmental factors, including extreme temperatures and humidity.

SpiralCell(r) Electrolyte System

The SpiralCell design provides a more even charge to the battery and has a longer life span than conventional lead acid batteries. It also handles more discharge cycles without damage. The battery can be used in the water or on land and will not break down due to freezing temperatures.

The batteries are sealed, so there is no free acid to leak out or spill. They are also resistant to vibration, allowing them to be operated in any position. This allows them to provide power to complex electronics and motorboats with many accessories.

Optima batteries are available in two versions. The BlueTop with a dark gray case is designed to be starting only, while the BlueTop with a light gray casing can be both a starting and deep cycling battery. Both have great cranking power and impressive cycling capabilities. The BlueTop can handle more of a deep discharge than the Red Top, and is ideal for boaters who want tremendous cranking power and power to operate electronic accessories.

SpiralCell(r) Vibration Resistance

Unlike traditional batteries, which have a stack of thick lead plates surrounded by acid, the OPTIMA battery contains six SPIRALCELL cells. Each cell has a thin layer of lead plates wrapped tightly around an absorbent glass mat, with an electrolyte solution in between to hold the plates and create the charge.

Optima’s best-in-class SpiralCell Technology provides class-leading cycling capabilities, starting power and resistance to the big battery killers: heat, vibration and shock. Its compact, spill-proof case design makes it easy to mount in a variety of vehicle compartments.

Whether your project car needs to run lights, winches, hydraulics or a high performance stereo/AV system it demands more from its battery than luck. With patented SpiralCell Technology and the ability to deliver more cranking amps in a smaller package, OPTIMA YELLOWTOP batteries are the power solution.

SpiralCell(r) Heat Resistance

Optima batteries are designed to last longer, recharge faster and have more power than conventional batteries. This is due to the patented SpiralCell(r) technology, a unique structure that maximizes lead surface area and creates massive cell connections, making it stronger than any battery out there.

The SpiralCell design also provides superior heat resistance compared to traditional lead/acid batteries. High temperatures cause traditional batteries to gass, shortening their life and performance. The SpiralCell design helps Optima resist the extreme temperature fluctuations that are common in powersport applications, keeping it performing at peak levels in all conditions.

The YTS-5.5 is one of the few true dual purpose batteries available that offers premium cranking power and impressive cycling capability. It can be used for starting or deep cycling and is ideal for modern accessory loaded vehicles, with its low internal resistance that delivers more consistent power. It is also leak-proof and maintenance free, requiring no water topping up.

SpiralCell(r) Starting Power

The powerful SpiralCell technology ensures a quick start. This is due to the massive cell connections made of pure lead and to the even distribution of the active ingredients over the entire grid band. In addition, the batteries are well resistant to extreme temperatures. This increases the life of the battery and allows the operator to work for longer periods.

The Optima battery is one of the best AGM batteries on the market. These batteries feature a combination of patented technologies that make them up to 2 times more durable than traditional lead acid batteries. They have 15 times more vibration resistance and can be mounted in any position, including upside down! They also have a low internal resistance, so they will recharge faster than other batteries. Optima offers two versions of their battery: RedTop and YellowTop. The RedTop battery is a starting battery and should never be used for cycling, while the YellowTop is a dual-purpose marine AGM battery that is suitable for most accessories.

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