GreekDaGod is reshaping the Music Industry day by day


With over 1 million streams, Greekdagod also known as Galaxy Greek is a Brooklyn rapper, super producer, and songwriter. Has a label called Kingkillers Ent Division of (Creating Music Forever). Greek has a unique sound that stands out. Known for his Golden Gun mixtapes 1, 2 & 3 with a dynamic style. With his diverse approach to his music, you can’t be surprised how refreshing his music is when it comes out. Greek works with industry artists/producers & songwriters affiliated with Janet Jackson, Lil Uzi, Britney Spears, JLo, Iggy Azalea, Jason Derulo, Christina Milian and many more.

Greek’s sound is all-encompassing, providing a unique atmosphere that compliments his strong lyrical style. 2013 was the beginning of his collaboration with different artists. Greek released two tracks, one called “Shine” featuring Joanna Quintin and another one called “It Was All A Dream.” Both tracks were produced by iillmind, from the Golden Gun 3 Mixtape series.

KingKillers Ent

Founded in 2012, KingKillers Ent. is a full-service entertainment company, inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer, and engineer management; music publishing; touring & merchandising; film & television; new business ventures; and a music label. It is home to a diverse roster of critically acclaimed recording artists, writers, and producers including GreekDaGod, Joanna Q – Dustfingernail, Broke Diddy aka TheKevooo, Savannah Black, Reem Dog, Allie Dovey, etc. KingKillers Ent. has partnerships with BadBizBureau and CDEG.


Founded in 2017, (Creating Music Forever) a division of KingKillers Ent, the sole goal is to empower artists.

CMF ( Creating Music Forever) main mission to provide great music as a  production company, Record Label &  entertainment company.  We work in every aspect of modern entertainment—with recording artists and producers, & songwriters. Our clients have goals and so do we to make the hit.

CMF & Lawyers and Labels: Behind the history

Lawyers and Labels owned by Kevin Mitchell aka Thekevooo. Give underground artists and superstars showcase music in New York City. TheKevooo raise in the Lower East Side of Manhattan has always had its share of MC’s and hip-hop culture. Known best for historic sightseeing, drugs, violence, and dangerous streets comes a rapper is known as SHORTY BLACK the BROKEDIDDY Since childhood he’s been around the turntables and sp950s. His uncle Steve was the best D.J. in his neighborhood an up and a coming producer, but SHORTY Black started off as a breakdancer. With these tools, SteveO put a mic in the kid’s hand and it’s been history ever since. As he sponged up flows a shows from his teachers TAKIM (FRISK) and DACAPONE he took on challenges and lay down his first complete song at the age of 10. He started laying down tracks with his uncle’s rap group but the streets had a different plan for brokediddy. STEVE was also a local drug dealer and his life was cut short when ShortyBlack was only 15yrs old. This had a huge effect on ShotyBlack but didn’t slow him down along with his childhood friend/brother REEM DOG he started to step it up. He became known for tearing down all local MCs from the street ciphers to late-night open mics. They began to rip mixtapes with the hottest mix DJ SILVA SURFA and got his first radio spins on hot 97 future flavors when there were in high school.

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