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Free-to-Enter Poetry and Art Contest

Poetry is the sub-branch of art which is popular among the public since ancient times. In the past there have been many poets known for their amazing poetry. Other branches of art are literature, painting, book reading and writing etc. Anything creative and attractive comes under the category of art. The short definition of art is, “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. Mostly the visual aspects of creativity are defined as Art. With the advancement in science and technology, everything is transferred from traditional to online and digital platforms. There are many online and digital platforms which provide opportunities for art lovers to share their work and see others’ work. Art lovers can now enter in the online art contests and win exciting prizes. There are both paid and free contests like Free-to-enter Poetry and Art contest is one of the amazing art contests. 

The contest

Online Book Club offers the best Art and poetry contests and provides opportunities for art lovers to participate and win. There are exciting prizes waiting for the art lovers. Have you ever won any contests by sharing your masterpieces of art? Its time to win now. The Online Books club provides great opportunities for art and poetry lovers to share their creative content like short stories, poems, essay, visual arts like painting and drawings and songs, etc. There is no restriction for any region. You can easily apply from any region of the world. Why you should enter in some good contest? The answer is simple, to get recognized and notified. As a art lover, you must feel the need of appreciation of your masterpieces, Giving a prize is the best way to recognize someone’s skills. These skills remain hidden until you share your work with others. Sharing doesn’t mean that you let others to copy your work, Just secure the copy writes of your content and then you can notify the world about your talent.

The prize list

Art is valuable so the prize should also be valuable. There are many art lovers who keep their inner talent hidden behind covers but if they get an opportunity, they express their talent. The art and poetry contest is for such artists who want to expose their inner talent. The online book Club have allowed free entry, therefore it is a Free-to-enter Poetry and Art contest. People from any region of the world, can apply online to enter in the contest. The prize of $10,000 will be given to the top winners while $100 each will be given to all of the other winners.

What you can send

You can send your masterpieces directly to the contest department. You can send materials like

  • Short books
  • Short stories
  • Interest visual stories
  • Visual art like some panting or geography maps etc
  • Essay
  • The most important, Poetry

All of the content should be original unpublished because duplicate content cannot be accepted. Get yourself registered now and grab your position in the online contest.

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