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Air condition

Life in Singapore with a comfortable lifestyle and cool & fresh air would not be complete without air conditioning. So, be careful about the installation and routine maintenance of your air con.

Unfortunately, air con installation or maintenance is not a DIY project since it takes technical knowledge and experience to ensure everything will function as intended. To avoid any difficulty afterward, the provider of such services must also be dependable and deliver the full package. Here AZ movers come in.

What is Air conditioning?

Air conditioners not only provide a cool, comfortable environment indoors but also improve air quality by removing germs and other contaminants. Additionally, it contributes to maintaining the room’s relative humidity at 50% by removing any excess moisture. In other words, air-con generates comfortable settings that make people feel satisfied and relaxed.

In Singapore, where it is quite hot and not particularly windy, air conditioning is one of the most commonly utilized electrical appliances. As a result, it is the only electrical device in the home that can efficiently cool us, our house, and our workplace.

Consideration to buy air-con Singapore

We understand that the budget is one of the main issues, but consider the following points before buying the cheapest air con in Singapore.

  • Compatible with home or office.
  • Room size.
  • Cost-effective air conditioning that uses less energy.
  • Additional services that the air con company offered

Maintain your air conditioner at least once every year

Regular air conditioning maintenance helps to boost the effectiveness and lifetime of your air con compressor. Also, it ensures that your house has constant, fresh cold air throughout the year. Bacteria may grow in your air conditioner, and maintenance helps to enhance air quality, which benefits your health and quality of life. However, it may be more expensive to ignore issues until they become serious.

If we operate our air conditioners frequently in Singapore’s hot and muggy climate, it is advised that we use air con cleaner every three months. However, if you just use your air conditioner on occasion, at least once every year should be enough.

AZ movers & traders: One solution to all your complication

AZ movers & traders is a top provider of air conditioning services in Singapore, providing high-caliber work at competitive rates. With our air conditioning service, we make sure your unit is running well so you can experience its coolness. When you buy air con in Singapore, the installation must be done properly. As a result, the chance of damage that may cause you trouble is reduced.

With the knowledge of qualified professionals, we can fix and restore the cooling power of your AC unit while resolving all of your issues and air con installation.   We can also identify the problems you are having and provide you with advice on the best, most affordable remedies. Therefore, you need not worry about the issues you are experiencing since our specialists will properly identify and expertly fix any air conditioning issues for you.

Typical problems with Singapore’s air conditioning

Keep a look out for these warning signals and contact an air con cleaner as soon as possible:

  • There is no air conditioning
  • There’s water leakage in your air conditioner.
  • The air conditioner froze.
  • Your air con compressor is not working, or airflow is limited.
  • The air conditioner blows scorching air, and the air it exhales is not chilly.
  • The air con inverter is really loud.
  • The smell of must is coming from your air conditioning.

Services offered for air conditioning.

Following are the three categories of our service that are very popular with our honorable clients.

General servicing

The most popular service is general servicing. In this case, we play the role of air con cleaner. Cleaning it from the inside out, it will get rid of collected dust in your air conditioning system. If required, our expert will add grease lubrication and check for any strange noises or loose wiring.

Chemical servicing

Chemical servicing applies similar procedures as general servicing. The only distinction is that everything is disassembled and cleaned with a mixture of chemicals. We can provide you with perfect maintenance of your air con inverter as we realize its importance. Chemical maintenance should be performed at least twice per year.

Gas top-ups and overhaul services

Most of the time part, you’ll simply need gas top-ups and overhaul services to fix your broken air conditioning. We’ll disassemble your air conditioner, carefully inspect it, and repair or replace any broken parts, such as the air con compressor. If your machine is leaking or not generating cold air, the professional may propose a gas top-up.

To stay healthy, service your air conditioner.

In Singapore, air con has become a significant piece of electrical equipment. Always remember to maintain your air conditioning for more refreshing times. AZ movers are always available to help you with that. With simply a phone call from you, you will have an urgent solution to your problem. We are devoted to improving your condition. Additionally, you will gain health advantages and, in fact, breathe some fresh air for the first time.

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