5 Reasons to Choose The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the top universities in Australia. It has accumulated excellent reputation in many academic fields, especially in the fields of medicine, social sciences, education, law, business, arts and humanities. It enjoys a leading position in Australia and the world. This university is very popular among students – every year, a large number of students choose to study at the University of Melbourne. The most common reasons can be summarized as the following 5 points.

  1. World-style delicacies all over the city

Multiculturalism is the business card of the Australia, the number of restaurants in this city is even more than the number of days in a year! World famous chefs, top delicacies, ethnic specialties, creative delicacies, and even all kinds of street food are gathered here, dazzling and exciting! For foodies, Melbourne is like a place of pilgrimage.

  1. The most artistic building in the southern hemisphere

Melbourne is known as the “Cultural Capital of Australia”. There are many Victorian buildings preserved here, and there are also many modern buildings of different styles. Classical and modern are blended together in this city, and they complement each other, forming Melbourne’s rich and diverse urban landscape.

Melbourne has the most artistic architecture in the entire southern hemisphere. The charming and magnificent St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the colorful RMIT University Academic Building, the modern and stylish Melbourne Performance Center and the MTC Theater, all present the artistic atmosphere of this city.

The only “City of Literature” in Australia

Melbourne is a UNESCO-certified city of literature! It is the second in the world and the only one in Australia! Melburnians love books and read books, which is known by the whole world. Every day, there are countless lectures, book fairs, and cultural festivals in every corner of the city. You can also see someone pull out a book and read it on the bus at any time.

The State Library of Victoria in the heart of Melbourne is a paradise for book lovers. This place is open to everyone, even if you are just an ordinary tourist, you can apply for a reading card here and go in and travel in the sea of books!

For those who love to read, missing Melbourne is like missing a billion.

Safe and comfortable study abroad/immigrant life

Melbourne, the most livable city in the world, is not a name. Most study abroad parties choose Melbourne because of its reputation. They understand that Melbourne is a very safe and suitable city for studying abroad. It is neither too noisy nor too monotonous; these are true, because most study abroad parties can make friends here and adapt to the environment here.

The education of The University of Melbourne is No.1 in Australia

Some time ago, Melbourne was rated as Australia’s No. 1 mecca for studying.

The University of Melbourne has a long history, rigorous learning style and excellent teaching. According to the Times’ 2015-2016 Global University Rankings, the University of Melbourne deserves to be ranked No.1 in Australia. In addition, Melbourne has other excellent universities as well, such as Monash University, RMIT University, and La Trobe University!

Whether it is from a learning perspective or a life perspective, the University of Melbourne is a very good choice for studying abroad. If you are interested in other universities in Australia, you can visit CatEight, where you can find a lot of useful information.

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